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Our collection offers stunning styles and designs to suit any home

Lift & Slide Doors

This is our most popular aluminium door, its ‘grand’ design will make even the simplest of homes stand out.

Shape your outlook with this sleek, large glass area which allows you to achieve panoramic impact without compromising on security or energy efficiency.

The more daylight that can be drawn into internal spaces the less electricity is needed to light those rooms, saving homeowners money.

The larger lift and slide doors are perfect for wider openings in new builds, extensions, and renovation projects. It personifies elegance, offering expert engineering, innovative design, and increased natural light.


Manufactured with exceptionally slim frames, this architecturally attractive style comes in two, three, and four-pane options. The strong long-lasting gear and boggy wheel can lift an extreme weight of 400kg allowing for large opening doors with smooth, silent, and effortless operation. The technical design of these large doors makes them ideal for large-span areas while the large panes of glass present unspoiled views of the outside and allow maximum light into the home.


The doors sit down directly on the track and the handle has to be turned round 180° to ‘lift’ the door up onto its rollers to reduce friction and allow the doors to move smoothly and easily at the push of a finger. Then when the sliding doors are where you want them, turn the handle back and the door will settle securely back down on the track again. In the closed position, the rail is completely protected from debris and corrosion.

Add a pop of colour

A wide range of colours, finishes and styles to suit all interior and exterior decors. The finish to the aluminium profile is a factory applied Polyster Powder Coated finish. Supplied in a choice of RAL colours

Colour choice

Specials Colour range

Colours above are for illustrative purposes only – the printing process may vary colours slightly. *Specials will have a lead time.

Types Of Aluminium


Our aluminium range is perfect for Residential properties. This high-end styling and low maintenance material.

Aluminium Doors

This is our most popular aluminium door, its ‘grand’ design will make even the simplest of homes stand out.

Lift & Slide Doors

Introducing the impressive bi-fold door range.  This sleek and secure, modern design door is manufactured.

Bi-Fold Doors