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Safety Glass

Safety glass for buildings is available in either toughened or laminated glass. Greaney Glass produces toughened glass in house and has one of the largest toughening furnaces in Ireland. This state of the art machine was one of the first of its kind in Europe to be supplied with on line scanning capabilities to ensure the glass is toughened at the correct temperature. This assists to drastically reduce the effect of roller wave on the glass.

Both toughened and laminated safety glass are used in the following applications; door glass, low/ high level glazing, commercial building, roof glazing, balustrades, floor glass, internal screens and it is recommended to install safety glass where children are present.


  • Toughened glass is five times stronger than normal glass
  • Much greater resistance to impact
  • Much less likely to break
  • If the glass breaks, it will be in tiny fragments
  • Laminated glass acts as a UV barrier of protection

Product Option:

1. Toughened Glass
2. Laminated Glass

Product Use:

Domestic Window Market

Industrial/ Commercial Market

Further product information:

1. Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is ordinary float glass that is heated at temperatures of over 600 degrees and then cooled rapidly. This process results in the glass being 5 times stronger than before and also ensures if it broken it will shatter into tiny fragments that are less likely to create serious injury than ordinary non toughened glass.

2. Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of 2 pieces of float glass held together by a laminated safety interlayer. In the event of breakage the interlayer holds the 2 pieces of glass together thus preventing sharp pieces of glass causing harm or injury and acts as a barrier. This type of glass protects from vandalism and also burglary. Laminated glass is most commonly used in situations where both safety and security are factors to be considered. The laminate interlayer also acts as a UV barrier which prevents the fading of window displays. Laminated glass can be provided in various levels of strength depending solely on the requirements it must meet.

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Types Of Glass

Safety glass for buildings is available in either toughened or laminated glass.

Safety Glass

Top quality insulated glass units according to customer specification and requirements.

Insulated Glass

Laminated glass is ideal for providing both impact resistance and security.

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